Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Van Halen has to do with Karl Krass...

Continuing in the trend of quoting aging rock stars who saw their popularity fade in about 1996, Sammy Hagar one sang, "here we go around, around, around."

We just met with Dr. Yamini the neurosurgeon at the University of Chicago Hospital. He strongly feels that it would be of no advantage to rush Karl into surgery today, tomorrow or even this weekend. Basically, Karl needs to have an MRI done to see exactly what we are dealing with (yes, I know, I feel like we've said this before), then the U of C team needs to review the MRI and the pathology reports, meet as a team and then decide what to do.

Essentially this team wants to reevaluate Karl on their own. Not that they distrust the previous team's prognosis but if they are to treat Karl they have to feel 100% confident in their analysis.

You know those 3D posters, "Magic Eye" I believe is what they were called, that when you stare at them crossed eyed they reveal a sea shell or a peacock? That's kind of what we feel like right now. The last two days we have been looking at the picture without our eyes crossed. Around 3pm today we started crossing our eyes, and now we are finally starting to figure out what the picture is. Its a schooner...or a sailboat...(Consult Mall Rats for this reference. Compliments of my brother Alan).

So...Karl is getting his MRI right now. As we understand it, Karl will (hopefully) be coming home soon.

Rose, the nurse, is awesome. Rose and Cathy could conquer Russia.

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  1. where can we send stuff to you guys? what's the best way to email karl? the address on his facebook site? other?

    email me at some people have asked me...