Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009 AM

I spent the night with Karl last night in the hospital room. I think he got a decent nights sleep, well aside from the steady flow of nurses and doctors that would come in every 2 hours like clockwork.

Being at U of C is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, Karl will have some of the best neurosurgeons in the world. On the other hand U of C has a "cold" feeling around it. Not because the nurses haven't been friendly and supportive to Karl, they have. We just don't know any one here and everything feels so foreign. Clearly Karl's health is most important, not his comfort, but it has just been a little bit of a transition.

I wish I could write more but I need to head back up to Karl's room. Needless to say, today is a big day for Karl. There is a chance that he will be having surgery at some point today. This surgery would be a pretty big one.

I'll try to post later tonight.

Obviously Karl needs prayer, but also keep my entire family in your prayers. Pray that we will "run and not grow weary".

God bless.

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  1. The University of Chicago hospital is one the best there is. They took great care of me when I was there a couple years ago. They are awesome.

    Glad Karl is home with you guys now.