Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL Picks

The Krass boys are watching football. When God decided to make sure church was on Sundays I'm glad he decided to make football on Sundays too. It makes for exceptional days (particularly when a substantial amount of the day is spent in the hospital). Thanks God.

Karl's week six NFL picks:

Baltimore @ Minnesota: 34-17 Skol Vikings

New York Football Giants @ New Orleans: 49-36 Saints

Detroit @ Greenbay: 50-0 Pack

Bears @ Atlants: 22-19 Bears

Karl's NCAA picks:

Michigan 63 Delaware State 6

Oh and Karl believes the groundhog will see his shadow. Write it down.

Yes, we realize that some of these games are actually in progress (and in Michigan's case happened yesterday). Karl just had brain surgery. Give him a break. He can make his picks whenever he well pleases.

Karl went for a walk today, without a walker. Alan and he walked for about 10 minutes. I think Alan won. Karl is slow. Just kidding. Well sort of, he is the slowest Krass brother.

Karl briefly spoke with a doctor this morning. Nothing real profound, basically he's doing well. The MRI revealed nothing abnormal. He will meet with the main neurosurgeon on Monday. On a side note, we found out that Karl's doctor went to UM. Go big blue.

Ps I included the picture of Mom and Ethan (Kari's son) basically because I think its a cute picture.

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