Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Karl + Milkshakes

Karl has really, really enjoyed the milkshakes. Perhaps too much...

He has decided to embark on the treacherous "milkshake fast" for the next couple of weeks. Its kind of like the Daniel fast...

Basically, no need to bring any more milkshakes, ice cream, chocolate, etc for awhile.

We had a mystery nurse come in today and rock our world. The funniest, happiest and all-around best nurse we have had yet. Her name was Carol, but I'm pretty sure she was actually Aceso

(I'll pause while you all google search Greek goddesses. Here let me save you the trouble, she's the goddess of healing)

It was kind of like a summer fling that was the best two months of your life but ends abruptly when the girls says she's moving back to Texas and you will never see each other again. I'm pretty sure Carol wasn't actually assigned to Karl's room. I fear our paths will not cross again.



  1. Karl drinking milk shakes is not surprising at all=) If he weren't drinking them this might be worse then we thought=) What hospital are you guys at? Let Karl know that his buddy Josh Liggins is praying for him and is looking forward to enjoying a story about his recovery in the near future. Thanks for keeping us informed.. GOD Bless you

  2. All this talk about milkshakes got me thinking that I needed some ice cream! Luckily Ted had some stashed in the freezer. I had forgotten how good it can taste! Janet

  3. Get well soon professor!! The kids need you badly.