Monday, October 19, 2009

Big bear is hibernating

Karl is now home in his bed sleeping. Big bear desperately needed his queen size bed for his back. Again, he doesn't fit too many hospital issued anything.

He will meet with the oncologist and have his stitches removed on October 30. I recommended that Karl leave the stitches in past Halloween for trick or treating. No one laughed but me. I thought it was clever. Alas, again my humor is just simply above everyone's head. Sigh...

Karl's pain also definitely decreased throughout the day. I think this was a combination of pain medicine and prayer. I'm going to side heavily on the prayer. Thank you all for continually remembering Karl in prayer.

Some of you have been asking for Karl's address to send cards and things. It is below. If you would like to drop by and say hi to Karl you can email me at to set up a day and time. Holy crust, I am now OFFICIALLY Karl's secretary. I'm putting this on my resume.

Karl Krass
40233 Adelphi
Beach Park, IL 60099

1 comment:

  1. So glad to hear that he is home, you always rest better at home. Prayer is a powerful thing and we will continue to do it. I, by the way, greatly enjoy your humor...keep it up