Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta jump in the pool

Just a forewarning, this blog entry may lack a little "gusto". I actually flew back home to Boston today to tie us some loose end before heading back to Chicago Thursday to be home for Karl's surgery on Friday. All this is to say, I actually am not having daily contact with Karl. I will do my best to fill everyone in from afar.

I talked to my mom today and she said that Karl was feeling pretty good. Yesterday was such an uber long day with the two hour car ride from the hospital he pretty much was exhausted by the time he got home. He slept well last night and took a couple of catnaps today which really helped restore his energy.

OK, so one of things I have learned in life is that sometimes you just have to take a shot and swing for the fences (apparently in Argentina they say "sometimes you have to jump in the pool". I recently learned this, thus I decided to include it in the blog). Here's my swinging for the fences: something Karl actually really needs right now is a BIG, "bear-like" lazy boy chair. Right now he basically has to lie in his bed or sit in a chair in the living room that doesn't fit him all that well (picture the shorts that basketball players used to wear in the 70's. Not pretty I know...). It would be a great blessing to Karl if any one has a big old lazy boy lying around somewhere that they never use.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone that has emailed me and offered their prayers and asked how they could help. I sincerely apologize if I haven't responded to your email yet. I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.


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  1. Hey
    We have a decent chair that fits my dad and I pretty well. I will get a hold of your mom tomorrow and bring it over if the need has not been met yet.
    My email:
    My msn:
    Cell 224 627 0497
    John C. Gulledge