Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In the words of Ozzy Osbourne, "Mamma I'm coming home." At some point today Karl will be discharged from the hospital. I think we are all ready for that. Well...everyone but the nurse that asked to listen to Karl's heart. I know she will deeply miss him.

We are (STILL!) waiting for the oncologist to come. He was supposed to come at 7am, then 8am, then 9am...

Karl was visited by the physical therapists today and successfully navigated a flight of stairs. He then showed up the occupational therapists by rattling off the three words he was supposed to remember. Renee thought that Karl had slightly lost his mind, but only because Renee isn't the person that asked Karl to remember the three words...Whenever that "three-word nurse" comes back...

I did some memory/speech exercises with Karl. He had to name animals that started with the letter "b". He said "bear", then "brown bear", then "big brown bear". Karl doesn't have a problem with adjectives. In all seriousness though Karl did really well with the exercises. I asked him to name 10 NFL teams and he named about 20. I asked him to name 10 presidents and he named about 15 (probably more than I could come up with...). Oh, and those of you that are blessed to reside in Montana, Karl still remembers that Helena is the state capital.

I was talking to Karl about things he needs. He had a really good idea. If you would like to bring Karl a meal that would be great, but his idea was to actually have people come over and prepare the meal for Karl with Karl. He also said it would be nice just to sit and watch a movie with someone. I'll let you know how Karl does when we move him home today but just keep this on the back burner.

If you are interested, email me and we can find a time. Karl has requested that we leave Friday open for "date night". Just kidding.

Thanks for reading this blog. You have no idea how therapeutic it has been for me.


  1. The delivery was made to your mom's house. Please call on us again to do whatever may be helpful!!!

    Dave & Ashley Galarza

  2. Karl-
    Keith Kramer (my husband) is driving down to see you on Friday night along with Ross Tanner to spend the week-end with you guys. I also hear that they're making you lunch on Saturday. Please let me apologize in advance... don't be surprised if you get cereal for lunch... :) jk
    I know they're both excited to spend some time with all of you.
    We're thinking and praying for you often. Our 2 1/2 year old son prays for you many times a day. Stay strong!!

    Amy Kramer

  3. I want to prepare a meal with Karl for Karl! For scheduling... Monday is the bestest day for me...maybe we can talk menu before the big cook day!

    Johnny G.

  4. Oh and I apologize in advance for being a guy. but I will look into your blue eyes and say something nice.
    John.... again

  5. So glad that Karl is back at home. Please post an address to send gift cards to. We would love to help from Washington DC.
    Kim and Dan Sherk