Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11

Karl had an eventful day. We talked on the phone for about 10 minutes. I'll just give you our dialogue:

Keith: How are you feeling Karl?
Karl: Pretty good, I have some friends over right now and we are just hanging out.
Keith: Cool
Karl: Oh, and I went to church today. It was great, really good to see people. I am pretty tired though. Do you want to know what was even better than church?
Keith: Yes?
Karl: I had the best grownup grill cheese of my entire life.
Keith: awesome.

Ok, it didn't quite go like that but you get the gist.

Praise the Lord, Karl has a la-Z-Boy! An answer to prayer. A giant THANK YOU to the family that provided Karl with this. I know my church in Massachusetts, The Harbor, prayed around 11:00am. Karl has a chair not long thereafter. Pretty cool.

I kind of feel like we are on a lucky streak. Maybe I'm pushing my luck a little bit but another Karl needs is a small fan (10" or so) for his room at home and his hospital room.

Thank you all for being so helpful and supportive.

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  1. I have this and will put it on your Mom's porch before noon tomorrow.