Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4 PM post

I just returned to the hospital for the PM shift. Karl greatly appreciates the visitors but I think he is about to turn in for the evening. He was able to watch the Bears game with Alan (the oldest brother ) today. I think Alan was doing a majority of the watching but Karl would chime in with a question here and there. The swelling around his black eye is starting to minimize and our hope is that by tomorrow he will be able to open it fully. There is a little concern that the nurses aren't able to fully appreciate Karl's "baby blues". We are hoping Karl gets a little one phone number out of this whole ordeal...

Basically we are still in a holding pattern, awaiting the results of the biopsy. Until then we wait and pray. People have been asking how they can help our family. If you would like to help you could

1) Prepare meals for Karl.
2) Send the Krass family gift guards for restaurants, preferably one's that deliver. Again, meals have been a little hard to come by. The gift cards would simplify things a little bit.
3) Pick up some groceries for my mom in preparation for Karl's return.

If you would like to help out with any of these email me at or call me at 847-722-2810.

In the meanwhile, keep praying. A few weeks ago I was at a church service based around II Chronicles 20:12. In this passage Jehosaphat's army was about to be overtaken. The last section of verse 12 says, "We don't know what to do, but our eyes are upon you." Honestly we have no idea what is going on but our eyes are upon our Heavenly father.

I just asked Karl if he wanted to say anything to his adoring fans. His response, "Don't bother me I'm trying to sleep." Again, he still has his sense of humor...


  1. Thank you for posting this blog. You have family in Michigan who appreciate this being done, so we can keep updated even if we aren't there. My God's love surround you. You are a fighter Karl.
    Love, Aunt Pat and Uncle Don

  2. Gotta love that sense of humor...I definitely remember that from our brief stint in your neck of the woods! Praying for you guys! Lisa

  3. Keith -
    I am so glad you are keeping us up to date this way. I'll make sure Grandma and Grandpa know how to access it. Janet

  4. What a blessing that scripture is. I pray that those words fill your hearts and minds in the coming days. Our Heavenly Father is in control and knows exactly what's going on, when no one else does. Karl, we are praying for you and loving you all the way down in Industry, IL. Thanks for the updates Keith.
    Katie Greuel (Scottberg)