Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, October 5

I stayed at the hospital with Karl last night. He slept well. Well, until about 4:30am. Other than that he had a good night sleep. The swelling around his left eye has subsided substantially. Unfortunately because he has been sleeping on his right side, that eye is now swollen shut. Imagine Rocky at the end of Rocky IV. He had a CAT scan this morning. The nurse, Cathy (more on Cathy later), said it looked normal but the doctor will be in at 9:30am to confirm that.

No results from the biopsy yet.

Karl and I had an awesome conversation. As most of you know Karl has played basketball pretty much his whole life, and, Karl has had lots of nurses over the past few days. Therefore it is only logical that his morning we discussed who his starting five of nurses would be.

PG - Joby: Slightly unconventional at the "1" but she has tenacity
SG - Cathy: A stud. If they had all-americans in the nursing world she would be a first teamer. In all seriousness, Cathy's brother had a brain tumor about four years ago and she has been wonderful to my family.
Small Forward - Tina: She performed the EEG on Karl the night before surgery. Really nice and well...errr...Karl thought she was "not unattractive".
Power Forward - Marsha: Like Joby, Marsha packed a punch. She was Karl's nurse while he was in the ICU. Very friendly, very funny. Just an all-around player.
Center - We have had a couple of candidates but none that really fitted the bill. We still need one more front court player to fill out the roster.

Karl also suggested that we rank visitors but we decided that probably wouldn't be the best way to make friends...Again, Karl still has his sense of humor.


  1. Karl,

    I'm glad you have your sense of humor. I was thoroughly amused by your basketball conversation with Keith- that is the Karl I know- only you can come up with that stuff! ha ha ha.

    Like my mom said, it snowed. As I stare outside now there are 2-3 inches of snow stacked on my lawn furniture I never had time to stow away. You miss Montana, I know it. ;)

    Either way, Montana misses you. And you have lots of prayer and support from way over here in the snow covered valley!

    Milkshakes sound fantastic. In fact, delicious. I may have to venture into the winter wonderland to locate one.

    Ok, well I could type all day but Liam requires rescuing.

    - Jes

  2. Keith and Karl,
    Do the Nurses know what you are doing. LOL

    Johnny G