Monday, October 12, 2009

Prayer Request

I just off the phone with my mom. The hospital, Kid's Hope (Karl's former employer), Humana (Karl's former insurance company) and Cobra (Karl's pseudo current insurance provider) are all dragging their feet and not returning my mom's calls. Essentially even though Karl is technically signed up for Cobra Insurance because no one will get back to us we cannot prove to the hospital that Karl is insured, therefore the hospital will not admit Karl and ultimately will not perform the MRI and surgery that Karl needs. This is giving my mom a huge amount of stress, and candidly, not something that she should have to worry about because we have done all that we can and are supposed to do. For those of you that don't know Karl quit his job in August to begin his student teaching to fulfill his last requirement before receiving his teaching certification from North Park University. He technically did not have insurance when this whole process started. However, by law your previous employer has to provide you insurance 30 days after you stop working (I believe its 30 days).

Have I expressed I much I dearly love the health care system?

At any rate, we are planning on going through with the surgery and are just hoping that everything will get squared away by Wednesday when Karl was supposed to return to the University of Chicago hospital.

Something else that my family can use this week: we will be going to the hospital on Thursday and probably will not be leaving for at least a few days. This may sound a little peculiar but you actually have to pay for parking every time you leave. We were wondering if someone would be willing to pick the Krass family up some snacks for our extended hospital stay. Just basic nonperishable items for us to munch on.

Right now we are not sure what would be more dangerous, walking around the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago or attempting to pay the prices at the Au Bon Pain located in the lobby of the hospital. Its kind of like Russian roulette...


  1. I am on it! Let me know what kind of mucnhies you are thinking of, and I will drop them off at your mom's on Wednesday.

    Julie Buh

  2. Thank you for this blog. Love you guys and have been praying for peace and strength for you all.
    Deb Hendricks

  3. Stay to the east of the hospital and you're absolutely fine--I used to live there! If you head down 57th Street, a block past Woodlawn, you'll bump into a small convenience store and several good restaurants (Noodles, Medicis, Edwardos pizza) and a really nice bakery. If you need any help with Hyde Park, finding things, questions, etc, please let me know! Happy to help.

    Will be praying for the insurance, too.