Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yes, seriously. Karl didn't go back to the hospital today. Why you ask? A doctor's note. That's right, apparently we were all just whist away to 1989 and Karl is back in Mrs. Jackson's third grade classroom where you need a doctor's note to do anything. OK, its a little more than a doctor's note but honestly, not that much of a difference.

Karl's primary care physician at the Zion clinic needs to sign off on this pending surgery. He is very willing to do this. In fact he WANTS to do this. The problem, the Lake County board of surgeons wont respond to our doctor's calls.

Oh yeah, and there was a problem with the scheduling of Karl's MRI. So now he will have two back to back, or one REALLY, REALLY long one. This isn't a huge deal except for Karl is about as comfortable in the MRI booths as you or I would be with our fingers linked in a Chinese finger trap with a polar bear. Again, Karl's big. They don't make things to fit Karl-big.

The plan right now is that Karl will leave tomorrow around 9am, get the MRI around 2:00pm and have the surgery on Friday. But as you can probably anticipate by now, the plans may change...

Things that are hard to do (5 = easiest, 1 = hardest)

5. Conquer Russian (Unless you are one of Karl's nurses)
4. Actually read and ENJOY Pride and Prejudice*
3 Circumnavigate the globe in a row boat with one oar
2. Cubs winning the world series
1. Have something done when it was supposed to be done in the medical world

*#4 only applies to the male gender


  1. Thanks for the constant updates Keith. I check it at least bi-daily.

    And on a sidenote, your lists are amazing. so very keith-like. cubbies winning the world series...:) man, i miss you. oh and #4 tickled me too. I have tried a few times to read that book and I just can seem to hook myself...

    thinking of you and the fam! continue to keep us all posted!

  2. Also about #4...just watch the movie...that's what i did. (the 6 hour long one though, cause then you feel as though you have read the book).....

    praying for you and your family...

  3. My big friend is absolutely going to kick this tumors butt. Easy as that. Strength beyond what we can imagine. Karl, kick butt!!!