Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cable Company vs. Insurance Company

I apologize I haven't blogged the last two days. I was in transit all day today back to Massachusetts and upon my arrival to the north shore of Boston I discovered that Comcast had disconnected my internet. After about 856 minutes of talking to the "techies" we got the problem solved. I don't claim to even begin to know what transpires in hell but I wouldn't be surprised if it involves being required to rotate between talking to the customer service departments of this two "juggernaut" companies.

But I digress...

Karl had an eventful night last night. Well, if eventful translates into terribly crappy. Basically he couldn't sleep at all. His back was killing him. He tried ice packs on his back, he tried walking around the house to loosen it up he even had my mom give him a massage (to which, I would like to submit, my mom be awarded the medal of honor for) but nothing helped.

Eventually he had to switch beds with my mom because her mattress is a little firmer, thus better for his back. He was up at about 4:30am this morning and just laid in his La-Z-Boy for a few hours then took a nap during a movie. So he was able to sleep a little bit. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I couldn't get this posted in time but Karl would like to predict that the Phillies will win 4-2 tonight and that Derrick Rose will miss the opener.

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