Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Foot Clan, Shredder and Karl after his third surgery

I spoke with Karl last night. He was a little groggy but for the most part pretty coherent. To be honest, I was pretty shocked how "with it" he was. I mean, he wasn't giving me a proof of the quadratic equation but he felt well enough to watch TV and a movie for a little bit as well as to write me an email.

As it turns out he will have to wear some "headgear" if he decides to go out and about frolicking around town. Sure at first we all thought this would suck to have to put on a helmet every time he goes to the bathroom at 2am. But then I had an epiphany. What if his helmet was like the one pictured above? That way not only would he the sweetest brain cancer patient of all time but then he could spend his Sunday afternoons battling the English department of U of C! It's brilliant!

But I digress...

To summarize, the skull was actually not infected. However it is the doctor's belief that replacing the skull "piece" would actually slow the antibiotics and at this point we need to get rid of the infection asap so Karl can start his treatment.

It appears as though Karl will be in the hospital for at least a few days so if you have some free time I think he would really appreciate visitors. Below is an email from Karl. The English teacher in me wanted to correct all of his misspelling but given the fact that he was probably typing with one figure and it was about 3 hours after a THIRD BRAIN SURGERY I thought I would cut him some slack. I'm not sure if "foot gifts" are 1) gifts for his feet, 2) something to do with the foot clan or 3) supposed to be "food"gifts. I'm pretty sure Karl is a member of the Foot Clan, a proud follower of the Shredder. Read below, last line...

God Bless.

i was thihnkning (i hjave a thimg 0on my rigjhjt index fiimnger sorry
the surgery was stucssessful they took out some bone
i have a stint by my ear to collect the fluid so i dont swell
dr yamini stopped by before he left and was happy wioth how it got cleaned
its all wrapped up but i guess its ouit of shape so i hjave a divit in my head
before the surgery i was really abouit them taking the bone out and more going wrong
i also didnt want a cathetire i hate those
my recovery this time was better because my throat wasnt sore and i could talk
i was awake a few miinutes aftersurgery and talking to the nurses in the icu
my room is in a hall withj opem windows to tje nuirsing station so its not real dark here lets see if io get any sleeo
prayer reqiest
i get some sleep last night my roommater needed a lot of attentkion
my head ache is constant
moms stress level and energy
all of my addorroing fans and friemds thanks you guys so much you are so supportive thanks for all the foot gifts and love


  1. Glad to hear you're doing well, Karl. We, along with our 2 1/2 year old son (Carsen) pray for you many times everyday. The other day, my sister asked Carsen who his best friend was... he said "Karl is. I love him very, very much..."
    Hang in there!!
    Keith & Amy Kramer

  2. loved the personal email. We are praying every day.

  3. Karl,
    Mike has enjoyed seeing you young bucks up at Kettle Moraine. We're hoping it won't be too long until you're able to be back there pounding him into the dust. You are in our prayers. Although this says it's from Christy Davis, it's really from Sue Vanlaningham at Immanuel Church. Long story!