Friday, October 16, 2009

Into surgery...

If you were still curious of what exactly my wonderful mother did to the insurance company, please consult the picture to the right.

Karl was wheeled away to surgery at 8:30am this morning. They originally told us they would start the surgery at 7:30am. Apparently, they meant central time and we were functioning in the eastern time zone. Or something, it's kind of confusing...

The surgery will take several hours so we...are...just...sorta...hanging out. Alan is doing his research (translation=reading comic books), Kari is relaxing (translation=proofing every word I write. Stop looking over my shoulder), mom is drinking tea (translation=she's drinking tea) and I am updating this blog.

I will update y'all when we receive any information.

Karl was in good spirits this morning. The nurses asked Karl to list some important people in his life, which he will have to recall post surgery to make sure that his brain is functioning properly. Below is his list of people. #1 is most important.

1. Mom
2. Alan
3. Kari
4. Kaylee
5. Keith

Kaylee is my mom's dog. Thanks Karl.

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