Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, October 5 PM report

First and foremost, Karl's afternoon nurse, Lit, is really threatening for the number "5" (center). She's only 5'O", soaking wet 100 lbs but she's quality.

Karl has now officially graduated to his Duke shorts and a t-shirt. No more scrubs! He had quite a bit of action today. The occupational therapist, speech therapist and physical therapist all visited Karl in the span of about 59 minutes. He did very well with each of them. He did walk about thirty feet down the hall with a walker! Needless to say, Karl slept very well this afternoon.

We are still waiting on the biopsy report.

Thank you so much for all your prayer and support. God bless.

Ps Karl says, Viking 33 Packers 30. Oh and Favre will get injured in the third quarter. He also said, "Just buy a stupid TV Brett."


  1. Hey Karl, Hope things are going alright. I went through Bozeman a few weeks ago and thought of you. It's obvious why you loved it there so much. I'll be praying for you man.


  2. At least we finally have something to blame your terrible taste in college basketball teams on. If you maintain this slim 311#'s I'll have to send you a smaller pair of Illini shorts.