Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purpose of this Blog

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa Logan and I am a friend of Keith Krass's from college. I am setting up this blog to offer updates on how his brother Karl is doing so that everyone who cares about him and the entire Krass family can be kept in the loop during this unsteady time. Keith (and whoever else he desires) will have access to post so that information from all sides will be in a central location accessible to people across the country.

I am copying an email sent from John Prickett, another friend of Keith's from college, who spoke with Keith a couple days ago to get an update:

As many of you probably know at this point, it was found out on Wednesday that one of Keith's older
brothers, Karl, has two brain tumors. I talked with Keith earlier this
evening (Friday evening) and he wanted me to pass on an update of the
situation. Earlier today, Karl was operated on
and they found out that there were two tumors and that they were quite
large. There was no possibility of removing the tumors either because there
were blood vessels and other things intertwined with the tumor and all
growing together. They sent off a sample of the tumor for a biopsy. They
do not know for sure yet if it is malignant, but the doctors have said they
do think it is probably highly malignant. It will take a few days for the
results to come back. In the mean time, Karl is stable and will most likely
remain in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. Once the results are back from the biopsy, which will take a few days and maybe up to a week, they will determine what their next course of action will be. At that point they will have a better idea about whether they should or even can use chemo or radiation as a way to combat the tumor.

Thanks and lets keep lifting up the Krass's in prayer as we intercede for
Karl and the Krass's.


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