Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My mom, the wrestler

Per the suggestion of a friend of mine, I would like to submit that I am logorrheaic not verbose. I'll pause while you look up that word...Don't worry I had to as well.

Just got off the phone with Mama Bear (my mom) and the insurance situation appears to be all straightened out. An individual from Kid's Hope called today and confirmed that Karl is in the system for Cobra Insurance. We are still awaiting final confirmation from the hospital but it appears we are a go for Karl to check in to the hospital tomorrow and have the surgery on Friday.

I realize that only a small percentage of you will get this forthcoming allusion (namely my brother-in-law and oldest brother) but it is so etched in my mind that I felt the need to share it with you.

Imagine my mom standing in the center of a wrestling ring equipped with The Rock's elbow pads. Lying on the ground underneath her is the crippled body of "the insurance company". My mom rips off her left elbow pad and bounces of each side rope once before officially landing "The People's Elbow" directly in the sternum of the insurance company.

So yeah, my mom is kind of like a pro wrestler...

Explanation: my mom just kicked the insurance company's butt.


  1. Funny picture in my head right now. But SWEET!

  2. The people's elbow is actually how my brother broke my wrist back in Jr. High. Needless to say, i fully understand the analogy.

  3. Keith, that was not Stef. That was Mark.