Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, October 24

You could say that Karl's Friday was somewhat of an adventure. You see, the incision on the top of his head started bleeding. Now its important for me to say that this is the "outside" of his head that is bleeding. Not beneath the skull; the brain is NOT bleeding. However, its obviously problematic if Karl's dome continues to bleed. So Fiscally Gator (Karl's nickname. Think Karl --> Carlton --> Carlton Fisk --> Fiskally...and I don't know where the gator came from) had to take three trips yesterday to the Zion clinic to get this thing figured out.

They tried putting another "headdress" on Karl but that didn't work, they tried cauterizing the vein of his head that is bleeding and that didn't work the first time but when he went back a third time they were able to stop the bleeding. Karl did just send me an emailing saying that it was bleeding again last night but not too bad. We called the surgeons at U of C and apparently this isn't abnormal. It becomes cause for concern if Karl bleeds a pint of blood.

Fiscally didn't sleep very well again last night. He was up at 4:00am and 6:00am because his back was hurting so much.

Karl's college football picks. Not very detailed but again, give the guy a break. He had brain surgery!

penn st over mich
ohio state will loose
illinois will loose

If you needed visual evidence for the conception and evolution of Karl's nickname I attached pictures...

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