Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let's track Karl's first day of student teaching by the numbers:

150 - Times he answered "Why are you wearing a helmet?"
1 - Junior Higher that actually hit him in the helmet
1 - Junior Higher that almost lost his life for hitting Karl in the helmet
3 - Times Karl has played the game of volleyball is his entire life
4 - Classes that Karl is supposed to teach volleyball to
2 - Rules of volleyball that Karl knows

Talk about a tough draw. I will acknowledge that the Krass family isn't quite the Mannings in our athletic prowess

but I would like to think that we are pretty versatile in our knowledge of athletics. If you add up all the sports Krass kids played in high school, Kari = 2 + Karl = 3 + Alan =3 (Alan actually was on the golf team. Consult link below for example of Alan's Golf swing) + Keith = 4 you got a total of 12.

Three of us played at least one sport at the collegiate level etc etc. So is it too much to ask that Karl would get basketball, football, soccer, I'll even give you floor hockey but volleyball? In the words of Gob Bluth, "Come on!"

But anyways, Karl said that day one of student teaching wasn't too bad. He didn't do a ton of teaching, mostly observation, but he hopes to gain more responsibility as time progresses.

I was talking to someone today about the blog. She asked if I had updated the blog yet today. I hadn't. But one thing she did say is that since reading the blog she has started journaling a little bit more. I must admit, I hate journaling. It's boring and often its really hard to get motivated to write. However, if you are going through "something difficult" I highly, highly recommend it. Since Karl got sick I started writing more and more. I have 54 pages worth of "thoughts" in a word document right now. It has been wonderfully therapeutic.

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  1. Man, Keith, this post particularly made me chuckle...PERFECT use of GOB!!!! And Karl, so glad that you had the energy to make it through the day...particularly with this age group of students!!!