Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1 More Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you start criticizing me for how cheesy this picture is, as you may or may not know I enjoy adding pictures to this blog. Karl has one more day of treatment. So obviously I google searched the word "victory" as this is clearly a sizable victory and this was the first image that popped up on google images. So there you have it. Yes, the poster is probably hung in every 3rd grade Baptist church Sunday school classroom in Georgia but I wanted to include a picture so there you have it.

So yes, Karl has one more day of treatment (Hallelujah!). I asked him yesterday if he was glad (I couldn't resist putting a picture of an acapella group in my blog. If you or your parents didn't listen to Glad, you missed out).

that is treatments were over tomorrow. His response, "YEEESSSSSSSSS, of course!" Right. Touche. Of course, he's glad.

Karl is hoping to get about three weeks or so in of his student teaching starting on Monday! Please be in prayer that Karl will have the energy to deal with junior highers for about eight hours a day five days a week. A believe in a God that can perform miracles.

I mentioned in one of the previous blogs that Karl was going to a camp with his junior high youth group this past weekend. Karl said he had a lot of fun. The kids played broomball and football, and did, you know, what you do at those kind of camps. My favorite part of the conversation though was apparently there was a kid there this weekend that was kinda...errrr...gullible to say the least.

They told this kid that Tom Foolery and Balley-Hoo own a restaurant in a neighborhood called Hi Jinx in Paris. There they sit around drinking chicanery all the day long. Oh yeah, the restaurant is located directly under the Eiffel Tower.

Priceless. I love it...

P.S. per my tradition, I google image searched "Tom Foolery" just to see what would come up. Awesome. Tom Foolery apparently was a Canadian rock band circa 1979. Priceless...


  1. The picture on the top of the post was cut off. How disappointing...

  2. phst! you get the jist!
    You have loyal fans in MONTANA! We Love you Karl!