Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 More Days, Daniel Craig and Lamar Odom ruining Rhode Island

I just got off the phone with Karl. The first thing he said, "How come you didn't compare me to Daniel Craig?" Point taken. After consulting the picture above I believe Karl's point is valid. The similarities are startling. I mean they BOTH have blonde hair and blue eyes. It's eery...

Karl has four more days of treatment. I asked him how he is doing since they isolated the location of the radiation and he said he is just more tired than usually. Yesterday he took a four hour nap. He said even his legs feel tired, which I thought was kind of interesting. Karl is hoping to continue at least part of his student teaching after this chemo/radiation cycle is done but a lot of that will depend on whether or not he has enough energy. Please pray that Karl will be energized. He is going to Camp Timberlee with the junior high youth group of Immanuel this weekend, so again, pray for lots and lots of energy.

Our conversation then progressed to Connecticut as I will be recruiting in that "state" tomorrow evening. Instead of summarizing, the conversation is below:

Karl: What's in Connecticut?
Me: Nothing, I think Hartford maybe. Oh and Yale.
Karl: Why do you hate it so much?
Me: Why is Everest the tallest mountain? Some things are just inherently true.
Karl: Is Connecticut on the water?
Me: Yeah, most of it. Rhode Island is right next to it as well.
Karl: What's Rhode Island's deal?
Me: Even less than nothing, I don't even consider it a real state. Them and Delaware. There could be 48 states in the union for all I care.
Karl: Didn't Lamar Odom come from Rhode Island?
Me: Yes. Thank you for making my point for me.

Thanks for ruining a perfectly good state Lamar...

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