Monday, January 4, 2010


On January 1, 2010 Karl turned 30. I'm very appreciated of the fact that my mother chose to give birth to Karl on January 1. I'm pretty sure I have never forgotten his birthday. A special thank you to all the people that were able to come out for Karl's birthday party. I know he very much appreciated it. Festivities included watching the hockey game played at Fenway (pretty cool), watching the Rose Bowl and eating pizza and a Scooby Doo cake. Yes, as the picture indicates Karl had a Scooby Doo cake.

On Tuesday Karl goes down to the University of Chicago to meet with plastic surgery. The Mr. Universe competition is fast approaching and Karl was thinking about getting a little bit of a tummy tuck. I kid. No, he's meeting with the doctor to schedule a surgery to attach a plate to his skull to fill in the part that is missing due to the infection.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years. God bless.

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