Sunday, January 31, 2010

Part II

First and foremost I botched the last line of the previous entry. It was supposed to read, "Maybe God's love is the answer, we just don't understand the question". That really took the sales out of the the punch line. Dang it. Sorry.

Anyways, Karl emailed me today with some information from this past week.

Ok, here's what makes Junior Highers unique. Karl not only had to answer the, "Dude why are you wearing a helmet" question 500 times AND had a kid hit him in the head, by Wednesday they didn't care anymore. I can just hear the conversations in my head. One friend asks another one, "Hey what's the deal with Mr. Krass' head?" and the other responding, "Dude I don't care, that was like so two days ago."

Karl apparently taught the kids how to bump, set and serve on Thursday (impressive for a volleyball newby). The other activity he had them do was stand on an exercise mat and open it only using their feett and move it across the room. The picture below is the image I have in my head.

Karl has two more weeks of student teaching.

Now for the bad news, Karl has an appointment on February 17 but won't have the surgery to put the plate back on his skull until March 10. That means he will have to wear the helmet for awhile longer. Total bummer.

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