Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home and "the one arm man"

Karl made it home yesterday. I talked to him last night, and he was very tired. The drive home took a lot out of him. He has to be on an IV drip a few times a day to receive the antibiotics for the infection. Its not a huge deal, just another "annoying" thing.

I promised Karl I would include something that happened during his second surgery in the blog and I have forgotten until now. No mas.

Immediately after the surgery Karl talked to Adrian Brody (ie his doctor) and asked if they were able to do something (I don't remember what) during the surgery. The doctor's response, "No, because I only have two hands and the other doctor only has one."


Not to be a jerk or anything but doesn't it make sense for a doctor that is performing a highly complicated brain surgery to have two arms! Is that asking too much. I just envisioned the one-arm guy from the fugitive performing the surgery and Richard Kimbal bursting into the operating room and screaming, "I didn't kill my wife!" Karl then logically would say, "I don't care!"

It was later explained to us that the doctor only had one ROBOTIC arm. Ohhhhh....That makes a little more sense.

In my "research" I couldn't find the hospital that Dr. Richard Kimbal (Harrison Ford) practiced at in the movie. Does anyone have this information? If its the University of Chicago...


  1. Cook County Hospital....

  2. Why I didn't think of using wikipedia I do not know. I'm embarrassed.