Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another "one more day" and yippie kay ya

Karl's CAT scan this morning revealed that one of the veins in his brain has become enlarged. This is either because the brain is naturally expanding into the space voided by the removal of the tumor, or because the vein is reacting to the infection.

Either way they want to keep Karl at the hospital for a few days. Apparently the nurses wanted encore numero dos of the Karl Krass show.

A few additional updates regarding Karl's treatment. He will meet with the oncologist on November 11th. This has little to do with his treatments but the oncologist really looks like Alan Rickman. Rickman is more commonly known as "Hans Gruber" from the film Die Hard.

I'm just waiting for the doctor to say "Yippie kay ya, stupid tumor".

Originally we were told that Karl may qualify for a clinical trial. Because Karl has an infection this is no longer the case. However, in blioglastomas they have found that radiation/chemo actually can be more effective after an infection. Apparently the infection works as a catalyst to fight the tumor. Karl will be able to receive his treatments at Northwestern Hospital, which is a blessing for the Krass clan since Northwestern is on the north side of the city. Karl will receive his chemotherapy by pill form orally and his radiation through Marvin the Martian's gun : )

Obviously his plan for treatment may change when we meet with the doctor on the 11th but that is where we stand today.

I have another idea for Karl's helmet. What if Karl was rewarded a sticker every time he does something awesome, like in college football. He goes for a walk, he gets a sticker. He says "Presbyterian Episcopalian" flawlessly, he gets a sticker. He beats Kari in chess, he gets a sticker.

I like...

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