Monday, February 22, 2010

March 12

You know when you see someone that you dated in high school, but haven't seen in two or three years and the first exchange usually consists of a real awkward "side" hug and both people saying "how are you?" at the same time and both people saying "good" at the same time? Well, that is kind of how I feel right now with this blog. Although and I never had any romantic chemistry we were pretty committed to each other for awhile but we haven't spoken lately.

Unlike the high school relationships, I am optimistic we can work this one out.

Karl is scheduled to have his next surgery on March 12. This is the surgery to replace the section of his skull that became infected during the second surgery. A month or so ago, I wrote about how the doctors could either create a new "bone" or simply attach a plastic "plate" to the existing skull. Below is the plate they are planning to use.

Although the Mario plate option does run a higher risk of infection (especially since Karl has already had one he's not real pumped about this option) they doctors feel this would be the best thing for him. The other scenario would require the doctors to take two non-consecutive ribs from Karl's side, take two inches off the rib, split the rib in half, take some of his skull and essentially create a new skull. I think even the doctors are confused by this option. There is likewise a risk of infection with this procedure so the plate just makes a little more sense.

Karl will have an MRI prior to this surgery to see the status of the tumor and to determine exactly what's going on up there. The best part about the surgery though? The doctor told Karl he could play contact sports four weeks after the surgery. Seriously.

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